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The Saturday Summary -Round 7

30/08/2020 00:31News

The Saturday Summary 29 August 2020 – Sydney AFL Round Seven

5 teams in action for the club today, all away from home….

Premier Division - St George V UTS at Trumper Oval  

St George – 33.23.221 defeated UTS – 3.7.25

Goalkickers- N.Casalini 6, D. Lycakis 5, N. Coxall 3, T. Coenen 3, B. Jones 3, T.Tegg 3, W.Mudge 3, D. Soffe 2, A. Wynn 2, E. Maher, N. Mckenzie-Hicks , D.Sims

Best Players – W.Mudge, B.Hodgson, A.Wynn, D. Lycakis, N. Mckenzie-Hicks, B. Jones

Premier Reserves - St George V UTS at Trumper Oval

St George – 16.19.115 defeated UTS– 2.5.17

Goalkickers – D. Napper 4, D. Donohue 4, B. Uglow 2, S. Randell, F. Ritchie, S. Wilsen, B. Johnson, A. Markos, C. Andrews

Best Players – A. Stelzer, H. Challen, J. Woods, B. Uglow, M. Crossan, A. Markos

Men’s Division 1 - St George V Norwest at Bensons Lane

St George – 8.4.52 lost to Norwest–11.10.76

Goalkickers – J. Gasovski 3, M. Knight, D. Georgievski, J. Nguyen, R. Southwell, H. Africa

Best Players – J. Gasovski, P. Heptinstall, S. Cruse, H. Africa, J. Nguyen, T. Preece

Women’s Division 2 - St George V Parramatta at Gipps Road Lane

St George –7.11.53 defeated Parramatta 0.0.0

Goalkickers – L. Braidner 3, M. Clift 2, S. Wynn, L. Marcos

Best Players – H. Ascoli, M. Hatswell, E. Ross, L. Braidner, M. Gastelaars, N. Betts

Women’s Division 3 - St George V Campbelltown at Monarch Oval

St George – 0.0.0 lost to Campbelltown – 13.14.92

Best Players –S.Cosstick, G.Prestwidge, A. Diakos, K. Beccaris, A. Davies, K.Keyte

Under 19’s - Bye

Masters - Bye


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