The Saturday Summary -AFL Sydney Round 9

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The Saturday Summary 12 September 2020 – Sydney AFL Round Nine

Another cracka at Olds today with five teams in action at home and one away. A big Saints home turnout to help club legend Stephen Wilsen celebrate his 300th game for the club.

Premier Division – St George V UNSW at Olds Park No1  

St George –7.9.51 lost to UNSW – 17.13.115

Goalkickers- N. Ryan 2, T. Tegg 2, A. Wynn, W. Mudge, B. Hodgson

Best Players – K. Pfrengle, T. Tegg, B. Hodgson, A. Wynn, E. Maher, K. Ayres

Premier Reserves - St George V UNSW at Olds Park No 1

St George –8.6.54 lost to UNSW – 15.12.102

Goalkickers- B. Uglow 3, F. Ritchie 2, A. Stelzer, S. Cruse, D. Napper

Best Players – R. Tracey, D. Hoban, B. Uglow, M. Jeffrey, M. Gray, C. Andrews

Men’s Division 1 - St George V UNSW at Olds Park No 1

St George –4.2.26 lost to UNSW–15.9.99

Goalkickers – C. MacDougal 2, P. Gleeson, J. Stek

Best Players – P. Gleeson, C. MacDougal, R. Blatch-Williams, H. Blacker, W. Murray, B. Sharp

Women’s Division 2 - St George V Southern Power at Waratah Park

St George – 7.5.47 defeated Southern Power 4.5.29

Goalkickers – L. Braidner 2, L. Hoban 2, S. Wynn, K. Hughes, R. Burns

Best Players – H. Ascoli, R. Burns, F. McArthur, K. Hughes, E. Ross

Women’s Division 3 - St George V North Shore (Red) at Olds Park No 1

St George –2.3.15 defeated North Shore (Red)– 1.4.10

Goalkickers – L. Grady, G. Cooke

Best Players – J. Jusmin, G. Cooke, S. Cosstick, B. Robertson, A. Singleton, C. Nabaki

Under 19’s – St George V UNSW at Olds Park No 1

St George – 3.3.21 lost to UNSW – 15.6.96

Goalkickers – L. Leitch 2, C. Westlake

Best Players – C. Atlagic, L. Leitch, H. Brown, J. Brennan, C. Westlake, H. Parker




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