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St George AFC Return to training details May-June 2020

17/06/2020 10:51News

St. George AFC is excited to announce that Sydney AFL has approved the re-commencement

of club AFL training sessions.

There are some specific requirements required of all clubs and players to re-commence

training which are outlined below. Please ensure that you read all the requirements and can

comply with them before returning to training.

Dates and details for our training sessions are as follows:

• St. George AFC training sessions will be held at Olds Park.

• Women’s training sessions will be held every Monday and Wednesday at 6.30pm

until 8.00pm. First session will be Monday 1st June.

• Training for Mens, U19s, and Masters players will be every Tuesday and Thursday at

6.30pm to 8pm. First session will be Tuesday 2nd June.

• Training sessions will comprise of multiple groups of up to 10 Inclusive of players and

coaches that will rotate through various training drills.

As social distancing and other Covid-19 responsible practices are required, players are

required to adhere to the following practices BEFORE they attend training:

• Do not attend training if you suffer from temperature, runny nose, sore throat, or


• Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds.

• Do any strapping before arriving at training as there will be no physios at training

• Bring your own drink bottle with your name clearly on it (sharing of drink bottles is

strictly prohibited).

• Adhere to all good hygiene practices

• All players are encouraged to download the CovidSafe tracking app on their phones

As social distancing and other Covid-19 responsible practices are required, players are

required to adhere to the following practices WHEN they attend training:

• Clubrooms will NOT be open, with the exception of the toilets, so players should

come in their training gear

• You will need to bring your own bag to look after your valuables such as phone, keys

and watches.

• When players arrive they should move directly to the terrace where they are

required to SANITISE their hands and then SIGN-IN at which point they will be

allocated to a training group. Each training group will be a maximum of 10 including


• Players must bring BOTH BOOTS and RUNNERS to training as both will be required.

• Players must adhere to the 1.5 metre social-distancing rules before, during, and after



o Share drink bottle or towels

o Change the group you are allocated to.

o Spit or clear nasal passages during training

o High-five, shake hands, or hug.

As social distancing and other Covid-19 responsible practices are required, players are

required to adhere to the following practices when they FINISH training:

• Wash and then sanitise their hands

• Leave Olds Park straight away and don’t mingle in groups

• Remember to pick up your valuables bag.

• Continue to adhere to the 1.5 metre social distancing rules

• Any clothes, shoes, boots, towels, or other personal equipment left behind will be

thrown out.

To ensure players are kept safe during training sessions the club will undertake the following


• The gymnasium and changerooms will not be open, with the exception of access to


• All equipment and footballs used in training will be disinfected with hospital grade

disinfectant prior to training

• No drills that require physical contact between players will be undertaken

• Any parents or officials watching training must stay off the ground and away from

training sessions and maintain 1.5 metre social distancing rules

• The club will maintain attendance logs so that any transmission of the Covid-19 virus

can be tracked.

Although these requirements may seem onerous, they are designed to provide for the

safety and health of all players during these extraordinary circumstances, as well as comply

with government regulations.


Although we don’t have any confirmed details yet regarding an official fixture, Sydney AFL is planning to commence the season in mid-July with a shortened season leading to finals being over by late September or

early October. This will be subject to government approval and regulations.

All players are requested to advise their coach, manager, or club executive (Andrew Wynn,

Dale Widders, or Angie Zissis) if they will or will not be playing the full season. We need to

confirm that we can still field all 7 teams this season.

If you have any questions or comments at all about the season, please don’t hesitate to

contact your coach or Andrew Wynn (0418 287 849 or

Many thanks

St. George AFC Executive Committee

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