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Match Reports ~ Round 2

27/07/2020 22:25Match Report


 Kicking the due off the ground early at Picken Oval we returned to the venue of our last win, a back to back premiership win. Unfortunately West were unable to field a full team.

We provide 4 players per quarter to West to have a scratch match. DQ kick the opening goal of the season unfortunately in a West jumper. As our list has change from last year, with players not available for this round and the new comers to the club it was good to blow the cobwebs out. Thanks to all for attending and making up the numbers for West.

Let’s hope round 2 is a full game so we can show of all the hard work done in preseason.

Goal kickers -Gordon,TDolton,Edser,Harvey,Querzoli



Women’s Div 3

 Game two of the season is on our home turf and we are fired up ready to go! Nerves were running high in the change rooms as this is the first game of AFL for a few of the girls - Audrey, Grace, Kaylan, Natalie, Nicole and Sara A. This is also Kionas first game for St George Dragons. 

The buzzer sounded for the start of the first quarter and all of those nerves seemed to melt away, the girls channelling them into determination to win the ball and that they did. They all came out firing! Winning the ball at all costs. The defence was so fierce that they were up by 7-0 at quarter time not letting Newtown on the score board yet.

The defence was held up in the second quarter followed by some great skills and ball work. Some animal tackles by Nabs. An epic goal by Kaylan. Great clearances from Michelle, Jen and Bianca.

The Intercept by Nikki was exceptional - she read that ball like a boss. Kionas mark was textbook. Bianca took a screamer of a mark. There was an EPIC save at the defensive goal line by Jen (what a save!) 

During the third and fourth quarter we hear a loud cheer from Newtown 'were on the board' … 

But our girls were on fire! Nothing could stop them in the fourth quarter. Some beautiful kicks, marks and goals in the final quarter. Very fluid team work by Keira and Shelby saw the girls kick another beautiful goal. Newtown got their first goal in fourth quarter. 

A very big Congratulations to Erin and Kiona, the winners of the awards this week by one of  our sponsors - Beauty on Bonds! 
What a cracker of a game by all! Well done on the win girls! What a cracker of a game by all! 

Final score 36 - 8



Men’s Div 1

After a good round one win the boys travelled to Sydney Uni which we knew would be a much harder test.

A very tight start to the game saw both teams engage in a bit of a back and forth first quarter. Sydney Uni has the lead at quarter time though, making the most of their early chances.

The second quarter was quite similar with our forward line kicking goals every time it got down there but unfortunately that wasn’t frequently enough.

At half time we began to get a few injuries and this would take its toll in the second half. The third quarter saw the students get right on top and at 3 quarter time the game was over.

The last quarter was back to a fairly even contest but with just one on the bench it made things difficult.

Plenty to learn from for the coming weeks and shows the standard we need to get to.



Women’s Div 2

After coming so close to a win in round 1 and falling just short, the girls were ready for a tough game against Western Magic. From the first bounce it was a fierce contest. Both teams kicked goals in the first quarter and St George were down by a goal at the first break. 

The second quarter was a tough one for the dragons as they went goalless but managed to keep the magic to just one goal. Half time saw a big rev up from the coaches and the girls came out flying. Nothing was going to step then in this 4 goal quarter. Hannah continued to compete in the ruck as did Georgia who pushed forward and kicked a couple of goals. Nobody was able to stop Rhi through the midfield and she won most centre clearances and got the ball forward.

The third quarter momentum continued into the last as the mighty dragons kept the magic scoreless and the footy spent most of the quarter in the dragons forward fifty. Not only did the dragons look like a fitter side but also a much more polished side as they hit targets continuously and walked all over their opposition. 

The tackles were hard and the pressure was non stop throughout the game. From the forwards applying pressure and causing turnovers, to the midfielders winning hard ball in the middle and the defenders clearing and keeping the ball outside fifty for much of the game. You could not fault the ferocious nature of the dragons from the first bounce.

In the end we doubled their score winning 54-27. A very impressive effort from the team and it wouldn’t of been the same without the support of the other girls on the sidelines. Season 2020 is looking promising for the red and white. The long and hard working pre season is paying off.




A trip to the inner city V the Academics is always a stress free morning.  Light traffic and so many opportunities to park!  Even some of our more seasoned officials fell foul of the long drive.

Whilst last week was a great first up win, this game was always going to be an opportunity to see exactly where we are at.

The first Quarter flashed by for the first 10 minutes where the Academics went 4 goals up. The dragons all of a sudden woke from their slumber to push back and post a goal, whilst slowly letting the Professors know that we weren't going to lie down easily.  A quick goal to Jeremy Woods and a spectacular tackle rallied the team.  

Coach Cairnduff explained some basic fundamentals and expectations at quarter time, which sparked the dragons in Q2 to post 2 goals to 3 against the Academics, whose ball movement across the park was being ground away by our running and pressure game.  A sizzling goal from Dane Coombs with a banana kick that curved all the way to Coffs Harbour and back silenced the rowdy Academic crowd in the stands. Unfortunately some costly errors at player placement for the bounce costs us three penalties and subsequent goals.  This will be worked on by players, runners and coaching staff to better manage the interchange and bench.  OOPS!

After half time, whilst continuing to apply pressure, we weren't able to convert that effort into goals with some great performances.  What wasn't great was getting sucked in to cranky face , yell loudly and jersey pull.   No one wins this game and it can certainly hinder concentration and momentum.  Lets stamp it out.  Controlled aggression around the footy will always end up in better results.

Q4 saw the Academics run away from us which was a shame resulting in a score line that did not reflect the overall tempo of the game.  What the game delivered was more positive signs against a well drilled team.  Notwithstanding, we saw some good efforts around our defensive platform.  Our game has improved at least two fold from the ugly win against the Cats last week.  We now have an understanding of what we need to work on, as well as getting a better feel for the strengths of our players, each other and where we can build on our season.  Don't worry about the loss, there was a lot of great stuff to come out of the win.  

Goal Scorers: Woods, Kranitis & Coombs,

Best on Ground: Brown, Atlagic, Crossle, Brennan, Coombs & Harvey.



Premier Division Reserves

Off to Sydney Uni for round 2 after a thumping win against Camden in Round 1. Pre-game there was an air of anticipation in the rooms and Coach Willo and senior players Ryan and Decs stressed the importance of getting our hands on the ball early and putting pressure on the Students. This week would be a tougher game than last week and we must be ready to go from the first bounce.

The rain started pretty much as the game started and Sydney Uni got off to a good start and were peppering the goals. By quarter time the Dragons had steadied and we trailed by only5 points, kicking the last 2 goals of the quarter.

A dour struggle ensued in the second quarter, but we were slowly starting to get on top. Max Jeffrey was providing great drive in the ruck and we were getting great run from Donnie Hoban and Shannon Randell. Sydney Uni were again keeping the scorers busy with 7 scoring shots for the quarter but our key forwards Decs, Niko and Brad Uglow were all on the board and we kicked 4 goals for the quarter to go in 5 points ahead at half time.

The third quarter followed the pattern of the second quarter. More scoring shots from Uni saw our defence being kept busy but Sharpie, Harry Hunt and the rest of the defence were standing firm and repelling attack after attack. Two goals each for the term and we are still ahead at ¾ time – by 3 points.

Sydney Uni came out firing in the last quarter and had 3 goals on the board by the 10 minute mark. Coach Willo and Decs were urging the boys to keep their heads up, find the opponent and contest the footy. Willo was inspirational again, throwing himself onto the ball and getting us moving again.

Two quick goals with 6 minutes to go had us well within reach. Wasn’t to be sadly, as Uni kicked the last goal of the game and went on to win by 12 points.

Tough game in wet conditions, but well played by the Dragons boys, which sets us up well for the season ahead. Well done boys.

Thanks to Gas for donning the pink shirt and delivering the messages and to Tommy Cleary and Lycka for helping with the board and positional changes.

Final Score

St George 11.9.75 defeated by Sydney Uni 11.21.876

Qtr by Qtr:

St George 3.1.19 7.4.46 9.7.61 11.9.75

Sydney Uni 3.6.24 5.11.41 7.16.58 11.21.87


Goalkickers: Uglow 3, Ryan 3, Donohue 3, Wilsen 2

Best players: Randell, Donohue, Sharp, Jeffrey, Hunt, Hoban, Wilsen, Ryan



Premier Division

After a good win in Round 1, this match loomed as a significant challenge against quality opposition and didn’t disappoint. Starting in light rain which prevailed for most of the match, our boys came out with something to prove and two early goals to Noah Casalini gave St George plenty of confidence. By the end of the quarter Uni also had two goals and the difference was two points.

Another very even quarter in the second, produced one goal apiece. Ben Jones kicked one early to put us in front and Uni kicked another very late in the quarter to edge ahead at half time by four points. With both teams playing good football in fairly heavy conditions, the third quarter was another tight affair. Casalini kicked his third early to put St George in front, and Dylan Sanderson grabbed another at the 20 minute mark to keep us within a goal of the reigning Grand Finalists. Sadly at the 22 minute mark of the quarter, a short Dragons lapse, saw Uni kicked three quick goals in succession, providing them with a 25 point buffer by the last break.

With heavy legs, but an impressive determination to stay in the game, the Dragons got three more goals through Flanagan, Mudge and Sanderson. However, Uni also didn’t give up and they matched our three goals to draw away to a 26 point win in the end.

In tough conditions, playing against a tall and talented Uni squad, the Dragons defence was tough and relentless. Dom Michalak monstered the Uni Forwards all day, with serious wet weather skills and determination. Dom was ably supported by Cal Nash who was also significantly responsible for keeping us in the game for so long. Ethan Maher and the promoted Kirian Ayres, were literal giants in the ruck and made their opponents accountable all day. Similarly, Connor Flanagan’s efforts at the contest were brutal for the whole game, and combined with the skills of Ben Hodgson on the wing, gave us plenty of drive forward.

Ironically, if not for the last five minutes of the third quarter, the difference would have been less than a goal and the game could have gone either way. Today’s effort against Uni should provide the Dragons with plenty of confidence going into next week’s game against East Coast at home.


Final Scores

St George – Q1. 2.1.13 Q2. 3.3.21 Q3. 5.4.34 Q4. 8.7.55

Sydney Uni – Q1. 2.3.15 Q2. 3.7.25 Q3. 8.11.59 Q4. 11.15.81


Goalkickers – Casalini 3, Sanderson 2, Mudge 1, Jones 1, Flanagan 1


Best Players – Michalak, Flanagan, Hodgson, Nash, Maher, Ayres

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